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Other Media Integration

Google Maps:

By integrating Google Maps into our virtual tours, we have added an aid to facilitate even easier navigation, placing the virtual tour of your business in a global context. All virtual tours created by Panomatics are displayed on this map, which means even greater exposure for your business. The “Google Map” icon (located in the toolbar) can be customized how the map is displayed and which size.

Ambient Sound/Music:

Include ambient sound or music to your virtual tour to further enhance your prospective customers viewing experience. Let us assist you in selecting the perfect score for your virtual tour. We can send you samples of royalty-free, high-quality tunes based on your musical preferences to assist you in this process. Additionally, we can also create unique compositions in the form of music loops and sound samples specifically tailored to your business.

NextGen Websites

These websites incorporate a virtual tour as the main homepage element and offer additional information on subpages.
CMS-based Websites
We also offer CMS (content management system) websites, which enables users to exchange content and update information directly.

Social Marketing Services

Utilize the power of social media and viral marketing to promote your business. Besides from offering virtual tour social media functions, we are also happy to offer other services, such as the creation of blogs, SEO, placement of virtual tour through distribution channels, google-offered services, and more. Please inquire directly.


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