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About us

Panomatics is an award-winning new media agency that provides highly sophisticated virtual tours and other interactive media for a variety of different business types, e.g.:
Hotels, Restaurants/Shops/Malls, Galleries/Museums, Bars / Entertainment Venues, Event Virtual Tours, Medical Facilities, Industrial Facilities, and much more.

We take pride in creating each virtual tour to be unique and distinguished by incorporating additional informative content and layers through the use of photo galleries, videos, multi-lingual text banners, menus, capacity charts, customized frames, links to reservation systems (online shops, ticket systems) and much more (see Services: Virtual Tour Specialty Features).

2009 Award Winner for Best Marketing Campaign presented by: International Downtown Association

Our newest virtual tours are programmed using HTML 5 (viewable on all devices) and we are proud to announce that we are now also offering aerial panoramas (e.g.

What we do

We specialize in producing the highest level of interactive photography in the form of Next Generation Virtual Tours. Our client base ranges from big brand retailers to small independent galleries.

We understand the consumer of today and what they expect from our clients. Merely having an old fashioned website is not enough anymore and will certainly not persuade visitors to buy a product or a service. Interesting Visual Content is what keeps potential new clients longer on your website, which increases the chances of them getting in touch with you.

Each project is carefully planned with the client to make sure all necessary features are included within the Tour. Furthermore, we allow and encourage our clients to have a say in the final product as this will furthermore individualize the tour and make it look exactly how you would like the world to see your space.

Impress the New Generation of Consumers with our Next Generation Virtual Tours.

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