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What Is In It For You? (WIIFY)


Increase sales by creating a pleasant virtual atmosphere enticing guests to enjoy staying on your site longer. This will allow you to:

  • Showcase special features how your offerings are different from your competition
  • Enable guests to tour rooms and amenities, giving preference to your hotel over others
  • Make your establishment seem trendy and modern
  • Emphasize design features
  • Add capacity charts, menus, links, detailed images of design features and more
  • Add information on outlets and spas, i.e. treatment menus, event calendars
  • Show weddings/other special events
  • Give the viewer a real “insider perspective”

Restaurants & Bars:

Showcase all the design and vision (hard work) that has gone into the creation of your business. Increase sales by differentiating yourself and your facility from your competition by:

  • Showing the layout of rooms and offering a walk-through experience
  • Virtual demonstration of how the facility can be used for creating special events/event planners
  • Including detailed shots of design/décor, wines, reviews, food shots, etc.
  • Including menus, background music, videos, links, etc.
  • Provide links to Open Table for easy reservation process
  • Showing restaurant in different set-ups and seasons through our unique blending efforts
  • Capacity charts and diagrams
  • Displaying entertainment calendar and special promotions offered

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