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Panomatics USA – Next Generation Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour Customization Options include:

Our virtual tours are created by stitching together a series of panoramic photographs to create a spherical HDR 360° x 180° panorama. Our team of photographers and programmers optimize and color correct all images manually to ensure best results and add a wide variety of customization options, such as:

  • Navigational Hotspots
  • Enabling the viewer to move from one part of the venue to another within the virtual tour.

  • Detail Images
  • Highlighting particular structural and/or design elements

  • Interactive Floorplans/Maps
  • Showing the layout of the venue or area depicted.

  • Blended Scenes
  • Seamless transitions within one spin from day to night, empty to full, before to after transitions

  • Integration of Other Media
  • Such as music, video and multi-lingual PDF´s

  • Integration of Custom Design Elements
  • Adding customization options, such as preferred color schemes, effects, logos, etc.

  • Informative Text Banners
  • Providing the viewer with additional information on the business/venue

  • Language Options
  • Offer your viewers the option of selecting different languages to view the virtual tour.

  • Downloadable PDF’S
  • Aerial 360 panoramas and aerial still shots
  • Pop-up menus
  • Customized frames and design elements
  • Integration of advanced e-commerce solutions
  • Aerial panoramas

    By attaching a tripod to a crane or helicopter we are able to offer aerial panoramas of your facility. (Please inquire about extra fees).


    (Construction/Interior Design/Architectural Projects):
    Document a project in various stages of its development through our blended before-after panoramas.

    This is an extremely effective visual way for interior designers, architects, contractors, etc. to present their work for marketing and archival purposes.

    Design Customization Options

    All virtual tours can be customized to match your existing website and marketing materials.

    Still Image Photography:

    Using extremely high-quality equipment, we offer product and location photography for print and online use.

    1. HDR images (2 dimensional)

    2. Widescreen Panorama Prints (extremely high resolution – suitable for print)

    3. Wedding Panoramas/Photography

    I-Phone/I-Pad Apps:

    We are pleased to offer our virtual tours in formats that are suitable for viewing on Iphones, I-Pads and other devices, which do not support Adobe Flash.

    Interactive Floor Plans / Interactive Maps:

    Floor plans can be added to any virtual tour as a navigational tool and to provide the viewer with a location overview. We can include existing floor plans, graphics and maps, as well as create new ones based on your specifications. Please inquire directly to discuss options.

    Language Translation Options:

    Offer your virtual tour in various languages to truly reach a global audience.

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